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Limitlex has recently opened a one-time opportunity for equity investors. If you think our company and team would be an appropriate fit for your portfolio, you can acquire a share of our company.

The raised funds will go towards further development of our technology and business, expanded marketing and sales activities, and user acquisition.

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Min. investment: USD 200,000

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Security, Privacy & Scalability

Security and customer privacy are our top priorities. This is reflected in our development as well as our established security protocols. Our state of the art internal and external security protocols are constantly verified and audited by security experts.

Limitlex’s sophisticated software has high processing performance and capacities to serve many users at once. Our elastic architecture will allow us to scale our platform for the maximum trading volumes.


  • The idea for an advanced cryptocurrency exchange is born
  • The concept of ‘Smart’ Cryptocurrency Exchange is drafted in detail
  • Development of the platform starts
  • The team is expanding and moving to new offices
  • Development of the exchange is in progress
  • Development of Crypto-to-Fiat Payment Gateway starts
  • Limitlex Crypto-to-Fiat Payment Gateway is completed and launched
  • Signed a strategic partnership with Comtron, a leading POS vendor
  • Demo-experience platform of the Smart Exchange is completed
  • Networking with bigger market-makers and potential white-label partners
  • Demo-experience platform of the Smart Exchange is launched
  • Onboarding new merchants for the Limitlex Payment Gateway
  • Developed LimitlexPAY Crypto Terminals
  • White-label interface and protocol for Crypto-to-Fiat Payment Gateway is completed
  • The Exchange Platform is deployed and available to B2B partners under our White Label partnership program
  • Several 'smart' features supported: Sell-All, Sell-Part, Bulk-Buy, Random Trading
  • REST API and Streaming API enabled for direct electronic connection with the Limitlex trading engine
  • Limitlex Crypto-to-Fiat Payment Gateway upgraded with additional functionalities and cryptocurrencies
  • White Label architecture for the Payment Gateway upgraded: multi-language and fiat multi-currency enabled; platform multi-instance supported
  • First White Label partnerships are signed and their platform launched

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