Limitlex Smart Exchange ICO

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We accept ETH, BTC, LTC and EUR

Smart Crypto Exchange

We're introducing the world's first Smart Crypto Exchange with Bulk Trading and other advanced trading mechanisms.

White Label

An effective solution for non-software firms to easily start their own cryptocurrency exchanges with joint liquidity pool.

Hybrid Platform

Centralised for advanced trading features and fiat transactions. Decentralised for maximum security and 'trustless' settlements on blockchain.

Security, Privacy & Scalability

Security and customer privacy are our top priorities. This is reflected in our development as well as our established security protocols. Our state of the art internal and external security protocols are constantly verified and audited by security experts.

Limitlex’s sophisticated software has high processing performance and capacities to serve many users at once. Our elastic architecture will allow us to scale our platform for the maximum trading volumes.

The Limitlex Token: LMX

LMX is a utility token, based on ERC20 Token Standard. Use it to pay transaction fees at a hefty discount – even up to 55%! Trading in high volumes? Looking to be very active on crypto markets? Then this is exactly what you need.

White Label partners can also use LMX tokens to pay for our part of the transaction fees at significant discounts, over the entire volume of their exchanges!

Private Pre‑ICO is Live NOW / Join Pre‑ICO!

Limitlex: The First Smart Cryptocurrency Exchange

A new, advanced cryptocurrency exchange is on the way! Limitlex is the world’s first ‘smart’ cryptocurrency exchange with advanced trading mechanisms that allow for more automated and effortless trading at the next level. The Limitlex Smart Exchange will make cryptocurrency trading more efficient, provide an intelligent structure for portfolio management, and open up new opportunities for traders.

Limitlex will list a wide range of coins/tokens and fiat currencies. White-label partners’ joint liquidity pool and beneficial incentives for market makers will ensure high liquidity from the start.

Join the revolution in crypto trading:

  • 12+ advanced features
  • automated trading
  • ‘bulk’ trading
  • sub-accounts
  • fund-like portfolio management
  • detailed performance tracking
  • 10+ languages
  • low fees
  • high liquidity
  • API connection

Top Features

Fiat values for crypto/crypto pairs

Trading crypto/crypto pairs can sometimes be a little bewildering in terms of having a clear insight of the actual values. Having the prices displayed also in fiat currencies when setting crpto/crypto orders will give you a very precise information for properly adjusting your buy or sell price.

(One-Click) Top-Cap Order

Just one click to buy the top crypto-currencies according to the market cap. Want to simply buy Top-10 or Top-20? No problem; just open a Top-Cap order, set the amount, and buy them all with one click. Decide if you want your funds to be distributed between the currencies equally or proportionally according to their market capitalisation.

Random Trading

Ever wondered what would happen if you bought some currencies completely randomly? Now's your chance! Set the amount you're spending and decide how many different currencies you want to buy, and voila – the system will buy them for you completely randomly with one click. Random trading has been proven to be as good as all the main top trading strategies!

Automated Copy Trading

Link a portion of your funds to accounts from traders with the best past performances. Sit back and relax; your funds will be traded automatically by the world's best traders. The copied traders' accounts will have their trading performance statistics on full display to the subscribed users, so you can really choose only the best!

Bulk Buy

Perhaps you want to distribute your funds into several currencies of your choice quickly and effortlessly? You can now use our Bulk-Buy multi-order: set the amount you want to invest, select your desired cryptocurrencies and buy them all with one click. A great feature for beginners and experienced crypto enthusiasts alike!

(One Click) Sell-All Order

Is your portfolio divided into many currencies? Do you find it too time consuming to set up sell orders for each individually? Now you can just follow the estimated total value of your portfolio, and once it reaches a desired value, sell all the currencies at once with one click. Alternatively, use “Sell-Part” and sell only a certain percentage of your entire portfolio with one click.

Chain Order

Having sleepless nights for fear of missing an opportunity on the market? Now you can finally relax, because the Limitlex exchange will work for you even when you sleep! With our “chain order” you can prepare a series of orders, and they are placed on the market in sequence automatically based on the rules you set.

Trailing Stop Order

Want to buy as low as possible and sell as high as possible? Limitlex will offer advanced trailing stop orders that move with the market and execute when the market turns. To sell high, you can set the stop price below current market price and let it trail the rising price. When the market turns and the stop price is hit, market or limit order is submitted.

Portfolio Watch

Have a better overview of your portfolio’s value movement through time: a graphic representation, displayed in a stacked line chart, will show your input (deposits / withdrawals) along the actual market value of your portfolio over the course of time. At the same time you will be able to monitor and compare each individual sub-account performance.

Business Opportunity: Limitlex White Label Partnership for the Future of Asset Tokenization

The Limitlex White-label Partnership Program will provide our partners with an easy way of setting up their own cryptocurrency trading platforms, under their own brand name. The partners won’t need to worry about development, maintenance, IT-security or infrastructure, as we will provide complete back-end and front-end services for them. And, since we are building the world’s first smart cryptocurrency exchange with a set of advanced trading features and solutions for portfolio management, the White-label partners will have an advantage of offering their clients the very best.

The Limitlex exchange and White-label partners can share in the liquidity pool, thus all partners can provide high liquidity to their users from the start.

With the introduction of tokenization of assets and upcoming rise of ‘security tokens’, this is also a win-win business model to operate exchanges for trading tokenized securities: financial institutions can provide the necessary regulatory compliance and licences and focus on onboarding clients, while Limitlex provides the entire technical set-up, infrastructure, maintenance and operation.

Limitlex White-label Partnership Program will be the crypto entry gate for financial businesses!

Hybrid Exchange

Centralised / Decentralised

The crypto community longs for a fully decentralised exchange. Nonetheless, technological  limitations (the automatization of more complex orders, speed, etc.) make it impossible to  satisfy all the demands that active traders would place on it. Until inter-blockchain  transfers become more developed, another limitation of decentralised exchanges is that  they would be confined to one blockchain. We therefore propose a “hybrid exchange” as an intermediate step. Functionally this  means that users who absolutely require automatization, complex order structures, and  speed can use Limitlex as a centralised exchange and depositing funds before making  transactions. Likewise, traders whose priority is trustless settlements can opt to use a set  of smart contracts to trade without depositing to Limitlex.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)




500,000,000 LMX


350,000,000 LMX


1 LMX = 0.1 USD


20,000,000 LMX / 350,000,000 LMX


0.1 ETH

We accept ETH, BTC, LTC and EUR. 

Participants contributing with ETH will receive LMX tokens immediately after the Limitlex Crowdsale smart contract successfully receives their contribution.

Participants contributing with BTC or LTC will have their LMX tokens reserved when the Limitlex Crowdsale wallet address receives their contribution (with zero blockchain confirmations), and will receive the LMX tokens within 1 hour after the transaction is confirmed by the blockchain network at a depth of 6 blocks.

Private Pre‑ICO is Live NOW / Join Pre‑ICO!
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  • The idea for an advanced cryptocurrency exchange is born
  • The concept of ‘Smart’ Cryptocurrency Exchange is drafted in detail
  • Development of the platform starts
  • The team is expanding and moving to new offices
  • Development of the exchange is in progress
  • Development of Crypto-to-Fiat Payment Gateway starts
  • Limitlex Crypto-to-Fiat Payment Gateway is completed and launched
  • Signed a strategic partnership with Comtron, a leading POS vendor
  • Demo-experience platform of the Smart Exchange is completed
  • Networking with bigger market-makers and potential white-label partners
  • Demo-experience platform of the Smart Exchange is launched
  • Onboarding new merchants for the Limitlex Payment Gateway
  • Developed LimitlexPAY Crypto Terminals
  • White-label interface and protocol for Crypto-to-Fiat Payment Gateway is completed
  • The Exchange Platform is deployed and available to B2B partners under our White Label partnership program
  • Several 'smart' features supported: Sell-All, Sell-Part, Bulk-Buy, Random Trading
  • REST API and Streaming API enabled for direct electronic connection with the Limitlex trading engine
  • Limitlex Crypto-to-Fiat Payment Gateway upgraded with additional functionalities and cryptocurrencies
  • White Label architecture for the Payment Gateway upgraded: multi-language and fiat multi-currency enabled; platform multi-instance supported
  • First White Label partnerships are signed and their platform launched
  • Exchange Platform upgrade with additional 'smart' features and trading mechanisms
  • Portfolio Watch
  • Sub-accounts
  • Chain Order
  • Order Fulfilment Notifications
  • Multilingual (stage 1)
  • New White Label partnerships for both the Payment Gateway and Exchange
  • Android and iOS app
  • Smart Alerts
  • Trailing Stop Order
  • Trailing Stop Limit Order
  • Multilingual (stage 2)
  • Copy Trading
  • OTC Trading

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